Free up your most valuable assets…
Time and Money!

UCA has been helping community retailers for more than 60 years.

UCA pays you upfront for your existing charge accounts freeing up your investment in accounts receivables.

UCA purchases your new charges sales every week. Why wait 30, 60, 90 days to get paid when UCA can provide immediate cash to you.

Customer billing statements are mailed or emailed according to your customer’s preference. We provide special handling to address your customer’s needs.

We encourage your customers to make prompt monthly payments and pay on time. Past due customers receive reminder letters, statement past due messages, and phone calls. Our efforts are friendly, but persistent. Our goal is to reduce outstanding balances while retaining your customers. If you are too tough on credit, it may reduce sales. If you are too easy on credit, it may increase delinquencies. Maintaining a balance is essential.

Use your monthly customer statements as a marketing vehicle to promote your store. Your store logo is prominently displayed. Include a marketing message printed directly on your statement, using your existing advertisement, or one that our designers customize and create for you. Learn More.

We use your existing Point of Sale to receive your new charge activity with no setup costs to you. From your POS, you can export your charge account activity and remit to us via email, FTP, or dropbox.

If you do not have a POS, a copy of individual charge slips can be submitted.

Think of UCA as a member of your workforce. We work for you on your terms. Your customers will continue to identify with your store.

View up-to-date customer account activity and past statements. Receive detailed customer reports that fit your business needs.

Managing in-house charge accounts for community retailers is our main focus and what we have been doing for more than 60 years.

"Our cash flow is increased and we can put the funds right back into our business."
Robert's Apothecary
Columbus, MS


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