As the store owner, you wear many different hats, but charge accounts are all we do.  We do the work for you on your terms, while you maintain control of your accounts.  We have been doing this for over 60 years.

Our fixed fee is a percentage based on your charge sales volume. There are no other add on fees for our services.

Every week we pay you for 100% of the face value of your new charge sales.

We use your existing POS to receive your new charge activity with no setup costs to you. From your POS, you can export your charge account activity and remit to us via email, FTP, or dropbox.  If you do not have a POS, a copy of individual charge slips can be submitted.

You are not required to send us all of your accounts. You may have employee accounts, for example, that remain in-house with you.

We provide you with a counter display holder with credit applications. Credit applications are not required, but they do minimize potential delinquencies. Be assured we will do a thorough credit check on each charge account applicant. Additionally, if you have not seen a customer in awhile, we feel it is best practice to review their credit. You can tell them that your charge account manager would like a new credit application.

Please don’t tell your customers that UCA will now be handling their account because it can make them feel that you gave their account away. It is important for your customers to continue to identify with your store and feel as if nothing has changed. Instead tell them that you have hired a charge account manager. Think of us as your employees working for you.

Customers can pay you directly at your store or remit payment to UCA.  We accept flexible payment options for your customers.

We are friendly but persistent to encourage your customers to pay their charge account on time just like their other bills. We send past due reminders and make phone calls. Our goal is to not only reduce their outstanding balance but to also retain the customer.  If you are too tough on credit, it may retard sales.  If you are too easy on credit, it may increase delinquencies.  Maintaining a balance is essential.

We follow the industry standards and best practices for data management. All information about your accounts is strictly confidential. Universal will not share or sell any information about your accounts.

Send us your last statement run with aging totals. We enter your accounts and balances into a secure database for you. We review with you any special handling regarding your customer accounts. We walk you through the setup process one step at a time.


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