UCA provides up-front funding for your in-house charge accounts, helps you manage your customer charge account billing and keeps your past due receivables at a minimum.

We also provide Billing Only Services for many types of businesses.

Accounts Receivable Funding

UCA increases the cash flow of your business. We provide up-front funding for your existing in-house charge accounts. New charges sales are purchased each week at 100% of the face value of the receivable. Direct deposits provide immediate availability of funds.

This service allows you to offer your customers the convenience of in-house charge accounts while freeing your investment in your accounts receivable.

Full Range of Billing Services

UCA offers comprehensive billing services customized to fit your store’s individual needs. Customer statements are mailed or emailed according to the customer’s preference. Quick credit approval and flexible customer payment options are available.

Think of us as a member of your workforce helping you manage your charge account business. Your customers continue to identify with your store, while UCA does the work for you!

Our full range of billing services includes:

  • Processing of new charge activity
  • Special handling of accounts
  • Monthly statement processing
  • Customer payment processing
  • Past Due Statement Messages
  • Past Due Reminder Letters and Phone Calls
  • Customer reporting and analysis
  • Account reconciliation
  • 24-7 access to customer accounts

We work with you to minimize past due receivables and retain customers while growing your charge account business. All statement past due messages, past due letters and personal phone calls are made according to your store’s individual policy.


Statement Marketing

UCA recognizes that your monthly statement is an excellent way to strengthen and support your store’s image and branding efforts.

At no additional cost to you, UCA will customize your statements in order to promote your store. Your store’s logo is prominently displayed, and we include a customized marketing message printed on the statements. You can provide the artwork or our marketing team will customize the design for you.

Advertise monthly specials, store events and programs, store coupons, or thank your customers for their continued support.

Client Reports

We want our clients to have peace of mind. We provide automated reporting directly to your inbox each customized to your frequency. Start your days understanding how your business is positioned and how UCA is helping you achieve success. Although reports are automated, you may call and speak to a specialist at any time to discuss your report; no long prompts, no wait. You speak to a specialist in real-time, every time. After hours? No worries. Leave a message and we will return your call the next business day.

"Working with Universal is like having our own charge account receivable department."
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